Vertical Church Charlotte

- Financial Update -


If you have been to a Vertical Church Charlotte worship service you know that we end each and every service by saying "You are loved." And because we love you and we are a church family, one of our commitments is to be transparent in the way we lead our church. In that spirit we want to give a quick update on the financial life of our church.

2018 Recap

We are a very new church body! We launched in September 2017 and are almost exactly a year and a half old! As we looked over the year-end balance sheet for 2018, we are excited to tell you that we finished the year in the black; in other words giving to our church for 2018 exceeded our ministry expenses.  For 2018 we had a total income of $260,994.91, and total expenses as a church of $259,473.14 leaving a net income of $1,521.77!  So that is great news and it’s cause to celebrate God for His faithfulness to us! God is building His church. And we are excited to see how God continues to build it until He says the mission is done and comes to take us home. 

2019 Budget

As church leadership planned out ministry for 2019, we did some forecasting based on 2018 in order to set a faithbudget for ministry. A couple factors shaped the 2019 budget: first, when we were a new church we had financial support from two other churches: Biltmore Church and The Mill who between the two of them contributed $32,620. So we’re definitely grateful to them! But we’re now financially self-sufficient, which we should be, and we don’t have that additional income going forward. Additonally we wanted to budget conservatively, and so for 2019 we established a budget of $251,000.

Over the past few Sunday mornings we have printed our budget need compared to our current giving on our sermon handouts. When we look at our forecasted budget and compare it against year-to-date giving we’re finding that we are behind by $10,660.80. Some of this is expected. Giving tends to go down after the holiday season for example. Last year we saw that early 2018 was a leaner time but we made ground later in the year. Another factor is that we are a healthy church and a growing church, but we’re still somewhat of a small church. That means that it doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart; in other words it doesn’t take much variance in giving to impact the ability of the church to do all the things we have planned as we grow in ministry. And we’re trusting that God will continue to build His church! But God works through His people, and WE are the people that God has placed here, to plant and to grow Vertical Church Charlotte. 

The Ask

So why do we bring this to you? First, we want to be transparent and keep everyone posted as we do for multiple areas; baptisms, new members, new small groups, etc. We frequently point out that we are an elder-led church, but we are also a congregationally involved church. But secondly, we want to bring up the topic of faithfulness in giving. 

  1. If you are a member at Vertical Church but you aren’t in a financial position to be able to give right now because maybe you’re between jobs or you had some huge medical bills come up, would you partner with us in prayer? And as you find yourself in a more financially stable position moving forward, give as the Holy Spirit leads.

  2. If you are a member and you are regularly giving, month in and month out, that’s fantastic! What a testament to God’s faithfulness and provision. Keep on going, by the grace of God! And we also say to you, join us in prayer! Pray that God would continue to bless and provide, and pray that we would all be wise stewards of what He has given us.

  3. If you a member of Vertical Church Charlotte and you are financially able to give, but you’ve missed more than a month or two of giving for whatever reason, we know the reality that things happen. Schedules change; life changes gets busy, sometimes we forget. If that’s you and you kind of feel like, “ugh this is awkward...” please don’t. How awesome is God that you are here, and this church is here? We want to look forward as a church. No shame, no blame! We ask that you would pray to God about where you are financially and what He wants you to give as a faithful steward.

At Vertical Church Charlotte, we say that giving should be cheerful, generous and sacrificial. And we want to encourage you to experience the blessing that comes from being faithful in giving, from shouldering the weight of weekly ministry along side so many others who are doing so, and seeing what God will do in your heart just as He does in any area that we seek to honor Him in. 

We are trusting that as we do these things, God will continue to provide and continue to lead, to build. Not that Vertical Church Charlotte will grow but that God’s kingdom will continue to advance.  


If any members of Vertical Church Charlotte have any questions, we would be glad to answer those.  Please don’t hesitate…